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Westover releases an indie-alternative tune, entitled, “Blame”

Westover is a singer-songwriter based in Tennessee. Not too long ago, he released an indie-alternative tune, entitled, “Blame”.

Westover – “Blame”

“Love, let’s stay together ’cause forever won’t be enough. And we’re going stronger than at our first touch. Sorry if I’m too much but we don’t get out enough. And you’re here right now and I can’t stare enough. You’re there across the table and right now there nobody in the room. It’s only me and you.” – lyrics

‘Blame’ tells a charming tale of a guy who sees his significant other in a brand-new light. Apparently, while seated across the dining table from her, he admires her beauty and falls in love with her all over again like the first time they met. Also, there are other people eating at the spot where they are dining at. But he only has eyes for his lady because it’s all about him and her during this magical moment.

‘Blame’ contains an endearing storyline, soft pop vocals, and merry instrumentation perfumed with a romantic aroma.

Westover – “Blame”

Westover - “Blame” artwork

“‘Blame’ is about a date with my wife last year, right after our daughter was born. Sat in a sushi restaurant and fell in love with her all over again.” – Westover

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