We Three – “Our Last Christmas Eve” photo

We Three unveils an appealing audiovisual for their “Our Last Christmas Eve” single

We Three is a talented sibling trio from Oregon. Not too long ago, they released an appealing audiovisual for their “Our Last Christmas Eve” single.

We Three – “Our Last Christmas Eve” single

“Here’s my present, it’s not under the tree. I didn’t have time to wrap it, and no card for you to read. Next year there’ll be no present that you need. So, mama, I’m here to tell you this on our last Christmas Eve. It never snows here, but it’s snowing just for you. Watching Hallmark, ‘cause you like it when we do. Turn the lights on, on the fifteen dollar tree.” – lyrics

As the festive season draws near, We Three reflect on their memories of their final Christmas with their mother. At a time when so many are thinking of the family members and friends that are no longer with us, We Three celebrate the small things that make Christmas what it is. And they’re the things that you don’t realize are important until they’re gone. A few of those things include turning on the lights on the tree, hanging the Christmas wreath, or snuggling to watch TV in your favorite pajamas.

We Three – America’s Got Talent 2018

Rewind a little over two years, and We Three were unknowns auditioning on America’s Got Talent. Their emotionally-charged tribute to their late mother, “Heaven’s Not Too Far,” struck a chord with so many people who had lost loved ones. Also, their performance reduced judge Mel B to tears.

Not too long ago, We Three released their second album, entitled, “Dear Paranoia, Sincerely, Me.” So far, the project has achieved a US Top 10 iTunes chart position, and We Three has accumulated nearly 50 million streams online.

“Our Last Christmas Eve” single

We Three – “Our Last Christmas Eve” cover

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