Top reasons why water pipes and bongs are more popular today

People are more curious to learn about the many ways to consume cannabis as the cannabis business quietly grows and marijuana is legalized in more places across the world. Although smoking a joint is the most popular technique for getting your THC dose, bongs, also known as water pipes, are also quite popular among cannabis users. Water pipes typically have a bowl and a downstream, a cylindrical glass component through which smoke passes and is filtered before climbing the neck of the pipe to the mouthpiece. They are one of the most excellent methods for smoking marijuana since they are easy to use, eliminate tar from the smoke, and may increase your smoking experience.

Here are some reasons why water bongs and pipes have grown in popularity.

1. They are available in a variety of styles

One of the most remarkable things about water pipes is that there are so many different kinds and styles to choose from, many of which are visually beautiful and may enhance the smoking experience for users. In addition, they come in various shapes and forms, from straightforward to complicated, and can be built from multiple materials. The hexagon ceramic bong, for instance, is a superb water pipe design that is both very useful and incredibly attractive. While the ceramic material offers the complete smoking apparatus a more streamlined appearance, the bong’s design can deliver the smoothest hit.

2. It offers more effective smoking

Water pipes enable more effective smoking, another critical factor in their favor as the most proper cannabis consumption technique. This is so that your experience is smoother and less harsh than it would be with a rolled joint, thanks to the water pipe’s ability to chill and filter smoke. First, you must know how water pipes operate to grasp this properly. The typical design of a bong includes a tiny bowl that stores dried marijuana that burns when lit. The water in the device’s bottom bubbles when you inhale, lifting the smoke through the water and downstream and delivering a smoother hit.

3. Offers improved filtration

Another excellent benefit of utilizing a water pipe to smoke cannabis is improved filtering. Although setting anything on fire releases carcinogens, the water pipe’s capacity to filter the smoke through water can significantly lessen the number of dangerous substances in your lungs. In addition, water may filter out other harmful combustion-related pollutants like tar. The primary components of the water pipe assist in preventing ash and tar particles from entering your mouth and lungs and keeping them in the water. Think about equipping your water pipe with an ash-catcher attachment for a cleaner smoking experience.

4. It prevents a mess

If you have been smoking joints manufactured from cannabis, you know the mess that may be generated while using the rolling paper and flower buds, especially if you are a novice. While smoking, a lot of ash and marijuana may be strewn around the table, making the whole procedure dirty. On the other hand, the water pipe makes it simple to avoid this mess because it doesn’t require rolling papers. This eliminates the need for cleanup because there won’t be any ash.

5. It aids you in controlling the dosage

Cannabis is said to have several advantages, but users still need to be cautious about how much they take. Too much use can have several adverse side effects, such as a psychoactive response, lung damage, a chronic cough, and even elevated anxiety. Using a water pipe can lower your likelihood of experiencing these side effects since it provides better dose control than rolling your cannabis on paper, making it difficult to gauge the correct dosage through a water pipe. But the bowl includes measurements to see how much marijuana you’re taking and decide whether to add more or less.


Without a question, bongs are the most acceptable cannabis consumption method after joints. Customers can have better smoking experiences thanks to filtering and cooling marijuana smoke. They come in various forms, dimensions, and materials, all of which can improve and smooth out strikes.

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