Frequently Asked Questions on How to Germinate Weed Seeds

With how unstable the laws on cannabis consumption are right now, the prices are being affected. There is no standard price for purchasing an ounce or grams of weed, and depending on many factors, the price range for the same weight might differ by about $20, which is a lot. Aside from this cost problem, there is also the issue of inaccessibility. Although the laws have been relaxed, not all states and not the Federal government are supporting the lifting of this ban. In the future, we hope to have more relaxed laws and stable prices for cannabis use, but until then, one sure way to get your weed without all these issues is by growing your weed seeds.

Although home cultivation is fun, the risks of failure are very high, especially if you don’t know what to do. Weed seeds are fragile and easily affected by minute changes in temperature, humidity, and insects. For this reason, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions on how to grow cannabis and all the general grow questions. Let’s get into it.

What is the Best Temperature for Germinating Weed Seeds?

Temperature is the most critical factor to consider when growing weeds. This is because they would die at a temperature that is not ideal. Seeds would always seek the smallest moisture in the soil, but they need the temperature to do so.

The ideal temperature for the successful germination of cannabis seeds is between 22 degree Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius. With the right temperature, and the right amount of water, heat, and air, a weed seed will grow in 2-7 days. Temperatures below 21 degrees and above 30 degrees will impair the growth of these seeds.

How Much Water Do Weed Seeds Need to Grow?

This is where people need to be careful during the home cultivation process. Lack of moisture will impair the growth of these seeds, while too much will suffocate them and stunt their growth. For the first few hours of seed germination, you can soak the seeds in water to penetrate the protective shell. This is done within a few minutes.

Once the shell is broken, water continues to activate the dormant hormones and send signals to initiate the production of a root tip called a rootlet. This process needs a constant flow of moisture so nutrients, hormones, and water can reach the vital parts of the plants for their life processes. Usually, people like to soak the seed in a glass of water during this process.

Just fill a glass with pure water, drop the seed into it, and then put it in a dark environment. Once the root appears, it’s a sign that the moisture content can be reduced, so you can transfer the seed to a growing medium.

Do Germinating Seeds Need Light?

Not at the beginning. During the first stage of germination, all the seeds need is water. A water-growing seed can be placed in the dark. Once the first set of leaves starts to show, they need less water and can now be put in a light environment. However, weed seeds don’t need harsh lights to grow. Regardless of their growth stage, harsh light would only impair them. If you’re finding it hard to hear up their growing space, you must set a soft LED light above the growing medium. Some people prefer to use moonlight.

What is a Cannabis Growth Medium?

A growth medium is a place or channel where you grow your cannabis seeds. This is the best way to grow cannabis seeds. How is this done? As soon as you take it from the glass of pure water that sprouted the rootlet and a few tips, the next step is to transfer it into a growing medium.

A growing medium can be in the form of potting soil, unfertilized coconut, or rock wool. Make sure you add no fertilizer or manure to the potting oil because the seeds will have all the nutrients they need for growth. Depending on the size of your potting soil, you can place your seeds 0.5 m deep and bury them. Spray them lightly with water, so they remain moist and grow well.

Why is my Cannabis Seed not Germinating?

They are fragile, and sometimes when they do not grow, it can be due to our faults when planting them. For instance, temperature is a critical factor. If it’s too high or too low, the seeds will not germinate.

Another important factor is the water used for planting. The pH is significant, so people don’t use tap water because it contains salts and fluoride that affect the pH balance. Bottled water is an excellent alternative. If you want to use tap water, boil it first and let it cool; this way, the chlorine can evaporate.

Another common cause is a fungal infection. This can be noticed by a whitish-looking substance on one side. This is mold, and it impairs growth or kills it.

How Do I Store My Cannabis Seeds?

When you buy seeds, they are alive. A lot of people forget that cannabis seeds are living organisms. If you store them in a place with enough humidity, they will germinate, even if you don’t want them to. If you store them in harsh conditions, they will also die.

Storing cannabis in ideal conditions requires light, humidity, oxygen, and temperature. Store in a cool, dry place. If you also constantly expose them to light, they will use up all their nutrients without being in the soil. This way, they are dead even before you plant them.


Patience is key when growing cannabis; more than ever, it is essential to know what you are doing. We hope you read all the above questions and fully understand the answers we have provided to them. It is vital that, no matter how tempted you are, you do not supply the seeds with nutrients for the first few weeks of germination. The seeds contain enough nutrients to keep themselves alive with good water and temperature.

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