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Vic August releases his sophomore single, entitled, “Sacrifice”

Vic August is an up-and-coming teenage rapper from West Australia. Not too long ago, he released his sophomore single, entitled, “Sacrifice”, produced by Lordholani.

Vic August – “Sacrifice” single

“So was it worth it? Did you feel good? Did it give you purpose? You know I’m hurtin’. I’m uncertain, I see you lurkin’. You won’t creep and cry your way back into my life. Keep a mile away that is your highlight. Using every day such is the high life. View from here’s amazing. Girl, we attracted, it’s natural, we’re opposites. You think I’m on some hip-hopper sh*t. Sacrifice my end of bargaining. I won’t act like I’m not on your bad side. Walked all over me just like a land mine.” – lyrics

‘Sacrifice’ contains a relatable storyline, auto-tuned vocals, and melodic instrumentation scented with an emo-rap aroma.

The likable tune will be featured on Vic August’s upcoming 7-track EP, entitled, “xx”, set to be released on November 8, 2019. Also, the project will include the lead single, “Approach”.

Vic August – “Sacrifice” single

Vic August - “Sacrifice” cover

Vic August has taken Australia by storm, thanks to his #1 Hip Hop project, entitled, “Truths”.

With his signature sauce and undeniable swag, it makes perfect sense why he has picked up co-signs from Ebro on Beats 1, Spotify, and Complex (AU).

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