Trinidad James

Trinidad James releases a music video for “Riker$” single

Trinidad James is a Trinidadian-born American rapper. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Riker$”, a song off his “Father FIGGA” project.

Trinidad James – “Riker$”

The video shows a handcuffed James being led out of a building by two detectives. They are taking him to Rikers. Somehow, he ends up in the street, where he and his crew are dressed in orange jumpsuits.

Trinidad James – “DAD

“Show I.D. before you get in, b*tch I ain’t playin’. R.I.P to Shawty Lo cause I am the man (Bankhead!). I’ma have to tax a b*tch ’cause I’m Uncle Sam. Imma f*ck your couch-a, ni^^a, call me Rick James. My chain like a lightning bolt, b*tch, call me Usain. If that pussy wack, b*tch, you can’t call me again. Blocked her in my DMs, then I slid in her friend’s. I got snipers on my Instagram cause that’s an in-trend.” – lyrics

The video shows James dressed up as a pimped-out grandfather. He’s seated in a golden wheelchair while holding an old-school cell phone made of gold. Also, his duty for the day is to hang out with his grandson.

Father FIGGA

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