TRI.BE Official press photo

TRI.BE unveils an appealing audiovisual for their “DOOM DOOM TA” single

TRI.BE is a rising K-pop septet and a quadrilingual group from East Asia. Not too long ago, they released an appealing audiovisual for their debut single, entitled, “DOOM DOOM TA.”

“DOOM DOOM TA” music video

“Getting on my car to go pick you up. Leave the others out because we’re a bit shy. We got no time to care about what others think of us. If you don’t understand me, then, oh well, too bad. Ok-Ok, whatever you say, I’m fine and I don’t care. It’s just annoying, go on and say more. This is me, everybody says that I’m rude. Keep barking, puppy. Look at me, they say they hate me but they wanna be like me.” — English lyrics translated

‘DOOM DOOM TA’ contains a spirit of self-empowerment and confidence that will resonate well with fans of (G)I-DLE and ARTLOVER. The likable tune possesses beat-driven instrumentation flavored with K-pop, future house, afrobeats, and Moombahton elements. Furthermore, “DOOM DOOM TA” serves as an official introduction of what listeners can expect to hear on TRI.BE’s two-song debut project, entitled, “TRI.BE Da Loca,” featuring their other debut single, entitled, “Loca.” Both bops affirm TRI.BE as a powerful new presence in the K-pop hemisphere.

The hyper-colorful music video showcases TRI.BE’s distinct personalities in one vibrant vignette.

“Look at me now, I’m all that you see.”

TRI.BE press photo

TRI.BE consists of seven multi-talented members. SONGSUN, JINHA, HYUNBIN, and SOEUN hail from Seoul. KELLY and JIA from Taipei, and MIRE from Tokyo. The members speak and sing in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. One of the most famous K-POP producers in the world, S.Tiger [BEAST, IU, 4Minute, MOMOLAND, EXID, T-ARA, Apink, HyunA], notably championed TRI.BE and produced the two tracks contained on TRI.BE’s “Da Loca” project.

TRI.BE’s name comes from the combination of the words “triangle,” which signifies the most perfect shape, and “being,” leading to the slogan, “We are perfect as we are.” The group conveys the message of self-love and confidence by unapologetically flaunting their key concept of “Girl Swag,” which goes global in 2021 thanks to TRI.BE.

“TRI.BE Da Loca” project

TRI.BE - “TRI.BE Da Loca” cover

TRI.BE is Universal Music Group Korea’s very first K-pop group, and they are ready to make international history. Republic Records has taken the lead in guiding TRI.BE’s promotion and journey within the US market.

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