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Timebelle releases an endearing pop ballad, entitled, “Sapphire”

Timebelle is a band from Bern, Switzerland. Not too long ago, they released an endearing pop ballad, titled, “Sapphire,” via Dopamina Entertainment.

Timebelle – “Sapphire” lyric video

“I’m lost in the sun that comes from your eyes. A thousand-star light that reach to my heart. A look to the sky, it better wait in line. Could never be as sweet as the lines of your smile. I’m your wild comet tonight, shine bright, and leave your mark. Let me be your sapphire, shine my blues, call me a liar. Let me burn my wildfire, burn it all for you.” – lyrics

Never has romance looked so bright. “Sapphire” paints the picture of love as something precious, just as Earth created precious stones and gems, stars, and comets, love shines, burns, and conquers all. The pop spacious, piano-driven instrumentation, flavored with a soft contemporary pop vibration, compliments Miruna Manescu’s soft vocals as she sings to her significant other, “Don’t know what to think, I’m scared of what you see. When you look at me, is it something weird?”

‘Sapphire’ contains a love-based narrative that will resonate well with fans of Sabrina Claudio and Olivia Rodrigo. The song pushes listeners to look more inside the soul and synchronize that burning energy to the beat of their hearts.

“Tell me that I’m weird and I’ll be really fine.”

Timebelle press photo

Timebelle is named after the famous Swiss landmark, Zytglogge, in Bern. However, Timebelle is also a tribute to a beautiful time in Bern. The band’s goal is to keep making music, no matter what, and they believe there’s no rhythm in life without music. With the power ballad, “Apollo,” Timebelle represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

As a trained musician and dedicated actress, lead singer, Miruna Manescu, from Romania, is expressing her passion for art. She always gets involved in the writing process of their materials, because she says, “An artist has to be in a direct connection with what she/he performs. Writing music is not easy, is like going to the therapist where you have to open some of the deepest wounds you have had your entire life. But that is also why music is the best therapy in the world.”

Emanuel Daniel Andriescu plays piano, but he teaches saxophone and clarinet. The internationally active musician has been living in Switzerland for the last 13 years. He achieves his goals with a lot of charm and dedication. Also, he has a strong will and rarely takes no for an answer.

Timebelle – “Sapphire” single

Timebelle - “Sapphire” cover art

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