Terrell Brown

Terrell Brown releases his 7-song EP, entitled, “#SS”

Terrell Brown is a rising artist outta Carlisle, PA. Not too long ago, he released a 7-song EP, entitled, “#SS”. The project features the standout single, “Drugs”, currently on our “The Tulip Age” playlist on Spotify.

Terrell Brown

Terrell BrownOther standout tracks on “#SS” include, “Yeah I Know”, a catchy, arrogant-bravado-type joint that sets the mood. There’s no doubt about it, Brown knows he’s the sh*t and has the confidence to pull ya b*tch.

“Dysfunctional” ft. SS OGOF Critt is another memorable song. The thudding, nicely-EQ’d production blended in well with Brown’s laidback cadence and Critt’s upbeat raps.

“Do You Ever” highlights the fun side of Brown. The sampled-like chorus and dance beat added a different, but necessary ending to an honest project.

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