Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett stars in a music video for his “Rock ‘N’ Roll” single feat. Zxxk

Taylor Bennett is an emerging rapper out of Chicago, Illinois. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Rock ‘N’ Roll”, a single from his “Be Yourself” EP featuring Zxxk.

Taylor Bennett –  “Rock ‘N’ Roll” feat. Zxxk

“Am I wrong for thinking baby girl can be a lady? Party on the daily and turn up in my Mercedes. If she really wanna turn up, then turn up and have a baby. ‘Cause I’ve been waitin’ on somebody to make a ni^^a go crazy. It’s so crazy how a ni^^a was fallin’ from every angle. Now I’m cuffed up, all my plans got entangled. And it’s still f*cked up for all them b*tches that hated. And it’s still f*cked up, all my ni^^as is faded.” – lyrics

The Andre Muir-directed video finds the artist caught up in a love-at-first-sight moment. He’s chilling one day when he sees a female crossing the street. Immediately, he falls in love with her and it’s all downhill from there.

The following scenes show them in a Bonnie and Clyde scenario, robbing a bank with masks on. But their getaway driver, after taking a few bites out of a humongous burger, is asleep in the car.

A guy tongue kissing a woman in the mouth stops kissing her. He takes out a bubble gum from the woman’s mouth and throws it to the pavement.

Bennett and his partner-in-crime run out of the bank with stolen money. But when they get to the getaway car, they see an armed cop writing the unconscious getaway driver a ticket for illegally parking.

The cop chases the assailants. Bennett ends up stepping on the gum and it attaches itself to the bottom of his sneakers, which causes him to tumble to the pavement. Shortly afterward, he is apprehended by the cop but the woman escapes.

The following scene finds the cop unconscious on the pavement. Also, Bennett’s crime partner drives away in a patrol car while Bennett laughs in the backseat.

Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett

“Taylor Bennett is the younger brother of Chance The Rapper. Already, he’s changing the game with his lyrical style, sonic flow, and heart-pounding sold-out shows all over Chicago.”

Check out Taylor Bennett’s “Be Yourself” EP via Spotify and add it to your personal playlist.

“Be Yourself” EP

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