Tash Blake - “Mannequin” press photo

Tash Blake releases an erotic debut single, entitled, “Mannequin”

It’s been said that to stand out, one must make a great entrance. You can’t just scurry into a room and hide in the corner; you’ve got to let everyone know you’ve arrived. Newcomer Tash Blake does just that with her debut single, “Mannequin,” a memorable, attention-grabbing statement song – making it clear that she’s not only here, but she is here to stay. Not too long ago, she released an appealing lyric video for her erotic single via Head B*tch Music.

Tash Blake – “Mannequin” lyric video

“‘Mannequin’ comes from such an incredibly real place. I had just ended a long-term relationship of manipulation where I was never allowed to be my true self. This song sparks a new beginning in which I am finally free to say or do anything. I wanted to write something carefree and upbeat to dance to with my friends, but also empowering to give strength to those who find themselves in a situation similar to mine. In the past, I’ve tried to speak out but wasn’t heard, I tried to be my own person, but felt forced to be someone else.” – Tash Blake explained

After originally growing up immersed in dance and musical theater, Tash Blake eventually decided to combine her passion for the legendary performance aspects of Madonna, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga into one grand visual and auditory experience, which is on full display in the video for “Mannequin.”

Tash Blake

Tash Blake - “Mannequin” press photo

“Throughout the song, I speak from the perspective of those who try to control and manipulate, as well as my own voice as I begin to respond with more and more power and self-confidence. The lyrics simulate a dialogue as the power dynamic reverses. My hope is that when people listen to ‘Mannequin,’ they gain the confidence to push back against people who try to manipulate and control them, as well as being able to let loose and have fun dancing around with their friends!” – Tash Blake explained

With lyrics that are forward and in your face like the legends that influenced her, Tash takes an edgy path to become a beacon of power and inspiration for women today. She wants her frustrations to truly resonate.

Tash Blake – “Mannequin” single

Tash Blake - “Mannequin” front cover art

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