Tanners delivers an attractively beautiful self-titled debut EP [REVIEW]

Tanners is a singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, she released an attractively beautiful self-titled debut EP


Come with me and swim into my daydream

“I can be your Jesus if you let me. Close your else and tell me all your secrets. You can drink my holy water, take it. Come with me, we can swim into my ocean, wide open. We can ride that wave tonight. Feel you breathe on my skin, rush of emotion, wide open. We can ride that wave tonight. Current night, I’m electrified here with you. Weightless tide in the fading light, here with you.” — lyrics

The video finds Tanners in holy water surrounded by a pink-filtered fog. Also, the following scene shows her in a white revealing outfit alongside two performers.

“Holy Water” is Tanners’ debut single and the first song on her EP. It  


“Empress in Reverse” consists of psychedelic instrumentation, dreamy melodies, and charming vocals that you won’t be able to get out of your head. It’s smooth, delicious, and ear-welcoming. 


“This Crazy” contains hypnotic instrumentation, attractive vocals, and dreamy and charismatic melodies. Also, its funk and ‘80s elements perfume the atmosphere with audio ecstasy and eargasmic funk.


Photo by Ethan Covey

“This Crazy” is a snapshot of a time when I was making some very reckless choices. Staying out too late, drinking too much, not taking care of myself, blowing off priorities, etc. I was getting away with everything too easily and it was like I was waiting for someone to call me out and tell me to get it together. Hence the lyrics, ‘I keep feeling like I’m running from the police, but they never catch me.’” — Tanners


“I can’t make up my own mind. What if I can’t rewind? Always looking for a distant shore. Now the light is different than before.”

“What You’ve Been Waiting For” contains lush instrumentation embedded with heavy drums, dreamy melodies, and an engaging storyline.  


Tanners’ self-titled debut EP is a solid body of work with heavy replay value. Therefore, we highly recommend adding it to your personal playlist.  



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