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Experience the Holiday Season with Tanner Adell’s “Hot Pink Christmas” Single

Tanner Adell (@tanneradell) is a rising Cali-bred Country star from Lexington, Kentucky. Not too long ago, she brought in the Christmas season with a lovely music video for her original Holiday single, “Hot Pink Christmas,” via Columbia Records. Listeners can now experience the holidays in stunning hot-pink fashion. Tanner suggests, “Grab your girls and sing this carol.”

Tanner Adell – “Hot Pink Christmas” (Official Video)

“I want a hot pink Christmas, a little Rose gold Tiffany too. I know I’m on the nice list. Tell me Santa when you come through. Can I drip-drip diamonds and tinsel too? Cause I’ve been a good bad girl the whole year thru. I want a hot pink Christmas, don’t you?” – lyrics

Tanner Adell wants everything under her Christmas Tree. If that’s not enough, she wants to hot-pink everything, including Christmas. With a harmonizing cadence, Tanner sings, “Deck the halls with money, this’ the season keep up honey. Hot pink sleigh, hot pink suit, clickety-click in hot pink boots. Hot pink Birkin, gimme-gimme-gimme. Shimmy on down that hot pink chimney.” The North Pole elves better be working hard because Tanner has one last item on her wishlist, a 14-carrot jingle bell.

“Hot Pink Christmas” is a female-driven festive tune seen through rose-colored lenses and filled with blushing tinsel. With dreamy vocals, a punchy beat, and twists on your favorite Holiday tunes, “Hot Pink Christmas” will be the decadent topping to your upcoming holiday playlist.

Tanner Adell – “BUCKLE BUNNY” mixtape

Tanner Adell - “BUCKLE BUNNY” mixtape cover

Tying the bow on her groundbreaking year, Tanner Adell made history with the first-ever major label debut mixtape in the genre. “Buckle Bunny” is an eight-song collection filled with female-empowerment anthems that keep their roots in Country, while infusing a blend of pop vocals and hip-hop beats.

As a co-writer on each carefully curated track, Adell spilled out energetic tunes that draw upon her personal narrative as a biracial woman embracing the truest version of herself. Building on the success and demand from her loyal fans, Adell followed up with “Buckle Bunny (Deluxe)” featuring “Backroad” and breakout hit “Luke Combs.” Finally concluding the “Buckle Bunny” era with the sultry, acoustic, “Buckle Bunny Stripped,” a reimagined emotional take on Adell’s debut EP that pulls back the layers on the glamorous anthems.

Tanner Adell – “Hot Pink Christmas”

Tanner Adell was introduced to her cult following through tracks including breakout smash “Love You A Little Bit” along with subsequent hits “Throw it Back,” “FU-150,” and “I Hate Texas.” With every release, Adell’s vocally and sonically range becomes undeniable, exemplifying the new class of artists who effortlessly transcend traditional genre boundaries.

Tanner had a busy year by first appearing at CMA Fest, Spotify House, and Windy City Smokeout. This is just the beginning for the innovative singer-songwriter as she continues to make her mark in Music City and beyond.

“Call me naughty call me nice when I wake up in the morning on 12/25.”

Tanner Adell – “Hot Pink Christmas” cover art

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