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Tanner Adell releases a spectacular debut Country mixtape, entitled, “Buckle Bunny”

Tanner Adell (@tanneradell) is a rising Cali-bred Country star from Lexington, Kentucky. Not too long ago, she released a spectacular debut Country mixtape, “BUCKLE BUNNY,” via Columbia Records.

Tanner Adell – “Buckle Bunny” lyric video

The title track “Buckle Bunny” commands attention by combining rodeos with rhinestones while embracing stereotypes and turning them on their head. Tanner Adell flips the historically derogatory term into an anti-shaming, shimmering summer anthem. After teasing the single in late 2022, Adell’s fans quickly rallied behind the viral track tease, and the singer was met with a frenzied outpour of demand from fans. And now, here we are, her “BUCKLE BUNNY” mixtape boasts the signature style that we’ve come to know from Adell: fueled with flawless vocals laden with punchy lyrics.

Tanner Adell – “BUCKLE BUNNY” mixtape

Tanner Adell - “BUCKLE BUNNY” mixtape cover

BUCKLE BUNNY is the lifeblood of Glam Country,” shares Tanner Adell. “My genuine unfiltered thoughts and feelings. An absolute mood.”

Making history as the first-ever major label debut mixtape in the genre, “BUCKLE BUNNY” is an eight-song collection filled with female-empowerment anthems that keep their roots in Country while infusing a blend of pop vocals and hip-hop beats. As a co-writer on each carefully curated track, Tanner Adell spills out energetic tunes that draw upon her personal narrative as a biracial woman embracing the truest version of herself. Authentically blending her Wyoming and California roots, Adell reclaims the power for the girls through this dynamic introductory project while unapologetically paving her own fresh lane of Country music.

‘BUCKLE BUNNY’ is a gem worth listening to because each song is appealing with heavy replay value. It’s Country Music to the fullest and much more. Also, “BUCKLE BUNNY” possesses a global appearance, an attractive sonic package with a tuneful attitude that listeners won’t be able to dismiss that easily because Tanner Adell is a sure-fire star. Better get used to seeing her because she isn’t going anywhere but up.

Listen to Tanner Adell’s “BUCKLE BUNNY” mixtape

Tanner Adell was introduced to her cult following through tracks including breakout smash “Love You A Little Bit” along with subsequent hits “Throw it Back,” “FU-150” and “I Hate Texas.” With every release, Adell’s range both vocally and sonically becomes undeniable, exemplifying the new class of artists who effortlessly transcend traditional genre boundaries.

Tanner Adell – “See You in Church” (Official Video)

The best Country songs are ones that exist at the intersection of where emotions meet experience. For Tanner Adell, she has plenty of both. Her superpower is her modern take on Country music mixed with unapologetic honesty – which will propel her straight to stardom.

Adell has already had a busy summer by making her first appearances at CMA Fest, Spotify House, and Windy City Smokeout. This is just the beginning for the innovative singer-songwriter as she continues to make her mark in Music City and beyond.

Tanner Adell – Throw It Back (Official Video)

Adell moved to Southern California with her adopted family at birth. Her father was born in the highly rural town of Springfield, Utah, while her mother spent her life bouncing between Santa Barbara, California, and Star Valley, Wyoming. Adell was homeschooled, yet spent her summers in Wyoming, learning how to drive a four-wheeler at eight and a car at ten, living what she calls a “free-spirited” childhood in the country, complete with wearing cowboy boots. In 2021, after the pandemic hit, Adell moved to Nashville to pursue music.

Tanner Adell – “Strawberry Crush” (Lyric Video)

You’d be hard-pressed to find another star whose life mirrors Adell’s, and that’s why her music is so beautifully raw. Here is an artist who has experienced more in just a few decades of life than most will in a lifetime and has set those experiences to music. At the heart of it all, she offers this reminder of her individuality: “No one is going to question by the end of this year if I am being myself or not.”

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