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SUNNY. releases a heartfelt electro-pop single, entitled, “Reason”

SUNNY. is an up-and-coming Australian duo who split their time between London, Los Angeles, and Nashville. Not too long ago, they released a heartfelt electro-pop single, titled, “Reason.”

SUNNY. – “Reason” single

“Got you all in my head, got your message on read. Did you notice that I’m trying to forget all the nights that we shared in Paris? From the day we met, and the way that you said you wanted to be more than just friends. Now it feels like we’re going nowhere. You’re the pressure in my chest, you’re the cold and empty bed. Thinking about you, I hold my breath.” – lyrics

‘Reason’ tells an emotive tale about a young woman who drives out of her way at 4 am to tell her fleeing partner to wait and stay with her a tad bit longer. Apparently, she wants to know why her partner wants to leave. With an optimistic approach, she tells her soon-to-be-ex, “Like the great escape, we could chase our dreams. And one day, we could find our feet again: a beginning at the end.” If their relationship is indeed over, she will clearly need closure and lots of comfort.

Artists like Lennon Stella, The Band Camino, and LANY inspired the writing of “Reason.” The dynamic tune possesses a backdrop of ‘80s pop production flavored with a driving synth bass line and saturated guitars. Furthermore, “Reason” follows mildly on the heels of SUNNY.’s previously released single, “Boring People.”

“Give me one good reason for me to believe in. So, we could just be us one more time.”

SUNNY. - “Reason” cover art

“We wrote our song REASON to have evocative and conversational lyrics about bittersweet unrequited love.” – SUNNY. explained

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