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Listen to Steam Phunk & maybealice’s New “Holding On” Single

Steam Phunk (@steamphunkmusic) is a DJ and producer act consisting of Alexander and Sebastian, two brothers from Hamburg, Germany. maybealice (@alice_edstrom) is a singer-songwriter from Sweden. Not too long ago, they released a captivating tropical house single, “Holding On.”

Steam Phunk and maybealice – “Holding On”

“Holding On” is sure to leave listeners yearning for more. The song was crafted to capture the essence of a struggling relationship. The lyrics and melody beautifully convey the emotions of someone fighting to salvage the remaining fragments of love. Although they may be the only ones putting in the effort, they believe it is still worth holding on to. The song aims to evoke longing, allowing listeners to relate to the desire to be with someone, even if it exists only in their imagination.

Steam Phunk’s signature sound with maybealice’s captivating vocals creates a harmonious blend that takes listeners on a sonic adventure. The tropical house genre adds a vibrant and uplifting energy to the track, making it perfect for relaxing by the beach and dancing the night away.

Steam Phunk

Steam Phunk press photo

“‘Holding On’ was written to describe the feeling of trying to find small things in a relationship that still work. The person knows they are the only one still fighting for that relationship, but in their eyes, it’s still worth it. The lyrics and melody strive to awaken feelings of longing from the listener. It tells the story of what it’s like to want to be with the person in the way they see it in their head.”

Steam Phunk’s sound is based on melodic beats crossed with deep house elements. In childhood, the two brothers discovered that instruments produce more than just melodies, but also offer the possibility to write songs and tell stories. Since then, they have been making music together. So far, they have performed on the main stage at Freshtival, collaborated with various artists around the world, and heard on radio stations and official Spotify playlists in several countries. Also, Steam Phunk has received support from R3HABTiesto, and Oliver Heldens.

Steam Phunk and maybealice – “Holding On”

Steam Phunk x maybealice - Holding On cover art

With their unique collaboration, Steam Phunk and maybealice have succeeded in creating a song that resonates with the complexities of human emotions. “Holding On” is a testament to the power of music to convey feelings that words alone cannot express. To experience the magic of “Holding On,” stream the song via Apple Music.

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