Sophia Fracassi press photo
Photo by Wendy Wei

Sophia Fracassi releases a music video for her “I Wanna Get Better Now” single

Sophia Fracassi is a rising singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “I Wanna Get Better Now” single via Coalition Music (Our Lady Peace, The Tea Party, Scott Helman, Simple Plan).

Sophia Fracassi – “I Wanna Get Better Now” video

“This music video has such a special place in my heart. It’s a representation of the exact thing that made me want to get better, which was and is love. Love from my family, my friends, and strangers. Watching people love other people, finally deciding to love myself.” – Sophia Fracassi explained

The Paige Foskett-directed video, filmed in Wasaga Beach, ON, finds Sophia Fracassi struggling with the trials and tribulations that growing up can bring. While Sophia is lonely and distressed during the beginning scenes of the video, we see her conquer her inner demons through the company of good friends (played by Sophia’s real-life pals).

‘I Wanna Get Better Now’ contains an uplifting narrative and ear-pleasing vocals. The likable tune possesses guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with alternative and contemporary pop elements. Furthermore, “I Wanna Get Better Now” is featured on Sophia Fracassi’s debut EP, entitled, “Marathon,” which features the standout single, “I Lied.”

Sophia Fracassi – “Marathon” EP

Sophia Fracassi - “Marathon” EP cover art

“‘Marathon’ is a story from start to finish. These are the words I don’t exactly know how to say out loud, so I wrote them into songs. It’s the shape my life took and evolved from in the past five years. It’s longing, loneliness, denial, hope, and love. Also, it’s my teen years, it’s my childhood, it’s my growing up.” – Sophia Fracassi explained

The EP follows Sophia Fracassi’s journey as she works to transform emotional discomfort into liberating moments. This theme is prevalent throughout the project, as self-reflection and mental health take the driver’s seat in Sophia’s insightful lyricism.

Sophia is no longer a little girl craving to emulate her peers, nor a teenager helplessly in love. She wants to be fully herself, and for her music to be a vessel for the empathy and empowerment she holds so close to her heart.

Sophia Fracassi

Sophia Fracassi press photo
Photo by Wendy Wei

Sophia has always turned to music to ride out life’s storms. Her voice is calm and confident, indicative of someone who has dedicated her whole life to her art. Taking inspiration from icons she’s long admired, Sophia writes about what she knows. The intensity of first love – and the heartbreak that comes with it – helped gift her the perspective she is now repurposing in her music as she enters adulthood and chases her dreams.

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