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Sophia Fracassi releases two appealing lyric visualizers for her “I Lied” and “But I Do” singles

Sophia Fracassi is a rising singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, she released two appealing lyric visualizers for her “I Lied” and “But I Do” singles.

Sophia Fracassi – “I Lied” lyric visualizer

“Well, I blame it on my parents ‘cause I guess I’m predisposed to want things I shouldn’t ever want and now it’s getting old. And I blame it on the fantasies I built within my mind. It’s a mechanism I discovered when I was a child. And I blame it on the sister that I never got to have. Maybe all of the attention is what did me in so bad. ‘Cause I wake up with a burning in my body, in my chest. And I never find the answers to the questions on the test.” – lyrics

‘I Lied’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who admits to lying about being fine. She stated, “I’d left it all behind,” but she wasn’t telling the truth. The weight on her shoulder has gotten heavier, and deep down she wishes someone would hold her. Also, she wishes she was a different person altogether. Later, she confessed, “I never let it phase me. I don’t lay down and cry. But I’ve been empty all this time.”

‘I Lied’ will be featured on Sophia Fracassi’s upcoming debut EP, entitled, “Marathon.” The project will be available on July 22, 2022, via Coalition Music (Our Lady Peace, The Tea Party, Scott Helman, Simple Plan).

Sophia Fracassi – “Marathon” EP

Sophia Fracassi - “Marathon” EP cover art

“‘Marathon’ is a story from start to finish. These are the words I don’t exactly know how to say out loud, so I wrote them into songs. It’s the shape my life took and evolved from in the past five years. It’s longing, loneliness, denial, hope, and love. Also, it’s my teen years, it’s my childhood, it’s my growing up.” – Sophia Fracassi explained

The EP follows Sophia Fracassi’s journey as she works to transform emotional discomfort into liberating moments. This theme is prevalent throughout the project, as self-reflection and mental health take the driver’s seat in Sophia’s insightful lyricism. Ending on a note of optimism, the EP’s closing track, “I Wanna Get Better Now,” serves as an important reminder that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sophia’s debut effort, which showcased her knack for reflective lyricism and remarkable vocal capabilities, was written by Sophia and Steve Molella (LØLØ, Finger Eleven), who also produced the EP.

Sophia Fracassi – “But I Do” lyric visualizer

“Truthfully, the most beautiful thing about this song is that I am no longer in it. Writing ‘But I Do’ was the beginning of realizing what I could & couldn’t rely on for my happiness. Once the words were out, I started to move on. Finally finally finally crawling out of this dark hole I had trapped myself in. Life is a journey, a marathon, and I’m so happy to be in the race. Use this song in your own story, feel your feelings, and get back up again. I’m really proud of you.” — Sophia Fracassi explained

Sophia Fracassi possesses a gift for storytelling well beyond her years. The young songstress is inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift and Joni Mitchell. So far, she already has several editorial Spotify playlist placements under her belt including Contemporary Blend, Pop All Day, and New Music Friday Canada.

Sophia has always turned to music to ride out life’s storms. Just 18 years old, her voice is calm and confident, indicative of someone who has dedicated her entire life to her art. Taking inspiration from icons she’s long admired, Sophia writes about what she knows. The intensity of first love – and the heartbreak that came with it – helped gift her the perspective she is now repurposing in her music as she broaches adulthood and chases her dreams.

Sophia is no longer a little girl craving to emulate her peers, nor a teenager helplessly in love. Sophia wants to be fully herself, and for her music to be a vessel for the empathy and empowerment she holds close to her heart. On July 24th, Sophia is scheduled to perform in Toronto at the El Mocambo, and on July 25th, as a part of Play The Parks.

Sophia Fracassi – “But I Do”

Sophia Fracassi - “But I Do” song cover art

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