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Silk Cinema releases a lovely R&B tune, entitled, “I Know What Love Is”

Silk Cinema is a London-based duo. Not too long ago, they released “I Know What Love Is”, a lovely R&B tune from their debut album, entitled, “Spells”.

Silk Cinema – “I Know What Love Is”

“Hey, baby, it’s me calling you to say that I’ve been thinking. The way you looked at me is something new and I believed it too. Cut my hair to show I changed but you didn’t care you loved me the same. Half the year’s gone by you still looked at me that way. Ohh, baby, you know that I know what love is because of you.” ⏤ lyrics

Silk Cinema consists of Kristy X (vocals) and Raph A (instruments/production). Their smooth sound has sometimes been described as Sade in space.

Their “I Know What Love Is” single contains a relatable storyline and sweet soul vocals. Also, the song possesses luxurious instrumentation flavored with contemporary R&B and neo-soul elements.

Get acquainted with Silk Cinema’s music by streaming their “Spells” album via Spotify.

“Spells” album

“2018 was an eventful year for us. One of us got married and the other nearly died of a sudden illness. Also, we made an album.” – Silk Cinema

We recommend adding Silk Cinema’s “I Know What Love Is” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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