Sean Gast

Sean Gast releases a hot R&B tune, entitled, “The Vision”

Sean Gast is a 22-year-old rising R&B/Soul singer from Orange County, California by way of Ohio. Not too long ago, he released “The Vision”, a hot🔥r&b tune from his debut album, entitled, “Good Company”.

Sean Gast – “The Vision”

“Always knew that I wanted more. This game’s so sick but my heart is pure. Had enough of ya acting up. Baby Doll things ain’t adding up.” – lyrics

‘The Vision’ tells a bittersweet tale of a young man who’s in the process of exiting a troublesome relationship with a young lady he thought was the one. But he was wrong in his assessment. After experiencing her behavior, he decides to move on to someone who fits his profile better.

‘The Vision’ contains a relatable storyline, smooth soul vocals, and a luxurious instrumentation embedded with a sentimental vibe.

Sean Gast

Sean Gast

“‘The Vision’ is about when a young Sean Gast realizes he must focus on “The Vision” and mission of achieving musical excellence, instead of worrying about a past lost love. Through his hard work, not only does his career accelerate, but he also eventually learns there will be other great loves in his life.”

Sean Gast is a triple threat; he sings, writes, and dances like Chris Brown and Usher. In 2015, he was discovered by industry veteran Angel Antonio Fernandez (son of Stevie J), who signed Gast to his A.F.Productions. Since then, Gast has worked with a number of platinum-selling artists and Grammy-nominated producers such as Syk Sense, DJ Fu of Ear Drummers, Rich The Kid, and producer Cassius Clay.

Check out Gast’s “Good Company” album below via Spotify and let us know what you think.

Sean Gast – “Good Company”

In conclusion, Sean Gast has all of the musical ingredients to solidify himself inside the realm of contemporary R&B. Therefore, we recommend adding his “The Vision” single to your personal playlist.

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