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Discover SAYAK DAS’ New “If You Don’t Love Me (Tell Me)” Single

SAYAK DAS is an independent artist, writer, and producer in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he released a heartfelt alternative R&B single, “If You Don’t Love Me (Tell Me),” via APOLLO Distribution.

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“I can’t read your mind. Seriously, I don’t mind if you don’t vibe. Half the time, I’m high in this hazy state of mind. Tell me you don’t love me but never tell me why. You can act so ugly and I act like it’s nothing. I say that we’re just f****** and you just call my bluff, hit rewind. Unconditional means all the time. Another life, I can barely f****** recognize my conscience. So clear, watchu need to hear? Do you love me sincere? Do you love me?” – lyrics

With “If You Don’t Love Me (Tell Me)” tells a heartfelt tale about a pessimistic guy who believes his significant other will leave him one day. Instead of seeing him, his companion sees right through him. With a heavy heart, he tells his partner one day, “If you don’t love me, tell me out loud ’cause I know you’re changing your mind. Get me all messed up before you leave.”

With “If You Don’t Love Me (Tell Me),” DAS begins a new chapter in his promising career. The song is a tasty appetizer of what listeners can expect from DAS as he releases new music.

“If you don’t love me, tell me out loud.”

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“‘If You Don’t Love Me (Tell Me)’ is a song built off a universal feeling – noticing someone you love pull away. I found myself dreading that feeling in my relationships, sometimes leading to me causing them to exist in the first place. Those are the times that I wish I could just read someone’s mind and not have to decipher their actions. Might be a little paradoxical, sure, but I think it’s something everyone can relate to.” – SAYAK DAS stated

SAYAK DAS is a force in the music scene, blending Pop, R&B, hip-hop, and Rock to create a unique and vibrant sound. Despite starting his musical journey playing classical piano at three years old, his clandestine Rock ‘n’ Roll listening sessions ignited his artistic spirit. DAS has since achieved a sound that is a unique fusion of everything that inspires him in the creative space. He can only be described as a musical chameleon, always playing with fresh new sounds and concepts to keep pushing boundaries.

DAS has toured with Hojean, Jai Wolf, and ISSUES. Also, he was featured on the new Tiger’s Apprentice soundtrack and garnered reputable support across the press and DSPs. Inspired by the likes of Yellowcard and Kendrick Lamar, DAS made waves with his debut single, “DID U RLY?,” a track infused with spunk and personality, establishing his distinct musical identity. His debut EP, “NO LOSS ONLY CHANGE,” garnered recognition, being featured on playlists such as Spotify’s New Pop Picks, anti-pop; Apple Music’s New In Pop; and Amazon Music’s Breakthrough R&B, Breakthrough Pop, Fresh Indie, among others, showcasing his talent as an independent artist.

SAYAK DAS – “If You Don’t Love Me (Tell Me)”

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