Hojean - “Cherie” EP press photo

Hojean’s “Cruel” Music Video: When Love & Loss Meet In Grayscale

Hojean is a first-generation, self-taught Asian-American musician, singer-songwriter, and producer from New York, but currently based in the outskirts of Atlanta. Not too long ago, he released a monochromatic music video for his “Cruel” single, produced and directed by Bobby Lee Palmer.

Hojean – “Cruel” music video

“‘Cruel’ is about no matter how many new faces you meet there’s always going to be that one you can’t seem to forget. Whether it was left off in good blood or bad, overblown fake confidence to seem like you’re doing better than them, bad distractions to forget about that one someone, sometimes all you want in the end is closure.” – Hojean explained

In the music video, Hojean tells the story of “Cruel” in grayscale. As a song about love and loss, the video perfectly articulates this sense of longing ardently heard on the track. Hojean’s delivery is both heartfelt and emotive and serves as a gorgeous accompaniment to his ghostly vocals.

Sonically, the smooth soulful R&B quality of “Cruel” feels distinctly nostalgic but brought back into the 21st century through the distorted, glitching vocals scattered throughout the track. In listening to the single, it will come as no surprise that Hojean is an artist committed to shaping his sound into something that covers multiple styles and techniques. This allows him to curate the unique identity we hear in his music today.

“Cruel” is featured on Hojean’s new EP, “Cherie,” which was produced, written, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by Hojean, which further demonstrates the multifaceted nature of his artistry.

Hojean – “Cherie” EP

Hojean - “Cherie” EP cover art

Hojean has had a busy few months, playing sold-out shows across Asia and North America in support of his “Cherie” EP. He has successfully gained wide acclaim for the project and racked up well over 100 million streams as an independent artist.

Over the past few years, Hojean’s steady release of singles showcases his unique blend of indie-pop and alternative R&B. The last year has led to his significant growth, having amassed over 110 million total streams across platforms.


Hojean press photo

Hojean’s independent spirit extends beyond his music, as exemplified by his dedication to building a true community amongst his passionate fanbase. His debut EP, “Swing,” came directly off his debut festival performance at Head in the Clouds and headline tour which was entirely sold out.

Hojean’s music and artistry serve as a platform to inspire other creatives and to prove that Asian artists in America can be domestic stars with a global reach.

Hojean – “Cherie” EP

Hojean - “Cherie” EP back cover

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