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Saya releases a sexy but deadly pop tune, entitled, “NOVOCAINE”

Saya is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a sexy but deadly, and intoxicatingly addictive pop tune, entitled, “NOVOCAINE.”

Saya – “NOVOCAINE” single

‘NOVOCAINE’ is all about the dark kind of love that pulls you in, the kind that falsely promises to heal through pain. An all-consuming passion, “NOVOCAINE” is all about giving pain and taking it away. Lyrically, listeners can envision Saya being caught up in a challenging relationship that feels almost impossible to leave. Underneath heart-aching pressure, she gloomily sings with a heavy heart, “I’ve been so under your influences, losing all my innocence. Heartless, you live in darkness. Wishing that you find that light, cross my heart, and hope to die.” Clearly, she’s in too deep to try to escape now. Therefore, she offers herself as a love sacrifice to her significant other, “Deadly and your touch is a killer, there’s no way I’ll make it out alive!”

‘NOVOCAINE’ contains a thrilling narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and enchanting melodies that will resonate well with fans of Dounia, BLAISE MOORE, and Lana Del Rey. The smoggy tune possesses melodically grim instrumentation bursting with alternative, dark urban pop, and indie R&B sweetness. Furthermore, “NOVOCAINE” serves as a scrumptious appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear on Saya’s upcoming EP, entitled, READY TO BURN, out this April 7, 2022.

“kiss my scars and tell me what I don’t deserve. **** me so good, I can’t even feel the hurt.”

After being signed to a major label, Saya found overnight success. Millions of streams, topping charts, and the billboards in downtown Toronto were the icing on the cake. Also, she received media support, with write-ups in almost every music publication. Then Saya took a break from releasing music for a few years. Now, she’s back with READY TO BURN, which sees Saya triumphant and more confident than ever. The anticipated project continues the themes of Saya reclaiming her power, pushing the boundaries of genre, and breaking out of the projections previously placed upon her. After everything she’s been through, one thing remains clear: Saya is here to stay.

“NOVOCAINE” is sexy and intoxicatingly addictive – Bong Mines entertainment (the hot spot for new music)

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