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Savannah Sgro releases a tasteful pop tune, entitled, “Love Me Like You Used To”

Savannah Sgro is Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Las Vegas, Nevada. Not too long ago, she released a tasteful pop tune, entitled, “Love Me Like You Used To”.

Savannah Sgro – “Love Me Like You Used To”

“‘Love Me Like You Used To’ was written by Naika and me on a very hot day in LA. We wanted to write something upbeat, and then the inner sad girl in us both came out. LOL. The song just flowed once we scrapped what we were writing at first and wrote what was on our hearts. I took the song with me back to Nashville, and Johnny Simmen produced the heck out of it.” – Savannah Sgro

‘Love Me Like You Used To’ tells a bittersweet story of a young woman who dreads the impending breakup moment when she and her significant other will depart for good.

Apparently, at the tail-end of their relationship, she realizes that her partner’s love for her has significantly diminished over time, and that worries her. So much so that she has suspicions that her partner has mentally moved on and is looking for someone new.

‘Love Me Like You Used To’ contains a relatable storyline, lovely pop vocals, and sophisticated instrumentation perfumed with a commercial pop scent. 

Savannah Sgro – “Love Me Like You Used To”

Savannah Sgro - “Love Me Like You Used To” artwork
Photo by @jakesvisuals

“I don’t know how much more that I can do or say. You won’t stay ‘cause your mind is made. I’m dreading the moment, I know it’s coming soon. You moving on and finding someone new ‘cause you don’t love me like you used to.” – lyrics

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