Savannah Sgro press photo by @jakesvisuals
Photo by @jakesvisuals

Savannah Sgro releases a gloomy pop tune, entitled, “Happy Anymore”

Savannah Sgro is Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Las Vegas, Nevada. Not too long ago, she released a gloomy pop tune, entitled, “Happy Anymore”.

“Happy Anymore” single

“Turn the TV off ‘cause I don’t wanna see this part. They’re in each other’s arms and it’s just too hard on my heart. I don’t wanna see another kiss, another smile on their lips. No, I couldn’t be more over this. I’m sick of seeing people happy ‘cause all it does is remind me that that’s not what we are anymore.” – lyrics

‘Happy Anymore’ tells a bitter tale of a young woman who shares a dysfunctional relationship with her significant other.

Apparently, they’ve tried kissing and making up, and everything else under the sun. But nothing seems to make them happy.

Later, the woman admits that she and her partner used to make each other happy, but now they’re not happy anymore because they can’t compromise.  

‘Happy Anymore’ contains a relatable storyline, pleasing vocals, and warm instrumentation scented with sentimental ingredients.

Savannah Sgro – “Happy Anymore” single

Savannah Sgro - “Happy Anymore” cover art

“I wrote the song with my friends Savana Santos and Emily Falvey. It was written while I was inspired by watching ‘The Bachelor’. It was hard to watch all these couples happy when my boyfriend and I were fighting.” – Savannah Sgro

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