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Samuel Jack releases a lyric video for his “In My Head” single

Samuel Jack is a talented singer-songwriter based in London, England. Not too long ago, he released a lyric video for his “In My Head” single.

Samuel Jack – “In My Head” lyric video

“I’m sitting at the table having dinner with the Devil tonight. And I’ve been rolling in the dark again praying for the morning light. I’m quick on the liquor to ease my pain. I’m slow in the sand as I sink away. And I’m struggling with myself every day. It’s dragging me down.” – lyrics

‘In My Head’ tells a heartfelt tale—inspired by Samuel Jack’s personal experiences with mental health, a topic very close to his heart. The emotional tune is Jack’s way of venting about his frustrations and hopes it may be of comfort to others. Also, the song reminds listeners that they are not alone and we are all in this together.

Samuel Jack

Samuel Jack press photo

“For me, I struggled with depression and anxiety. And in my eyes, despite having a history of mental health issues in my family, I’m certain my issues were born through situations and subsequently have come to affect every aspect of my life. Romantic relationships, professional ones; it really took hold of me.” – Samuel Jack

Samuel Jack is a name you should remember and an exciting artist to watch. He grew up on a healthy sonic diet consisting of blues, Motown, soul, and roots music. Considering himself somewhat of a ‘mental health survivor’, he has learned how to successfully live with it. Also, he has emerged stronger than ever before and is even learning things about himself that he never realized.

“F**k the stigma. We’re not all crazy. We just struggle inside sometimes.”

‘In My Head’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and compelling melodies. Also, the song possesses moody instrumentation scented with an emo-pop aroma.

We recommend adding Samuel Jack’s “In My Head” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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