Fall in love with Sainte Victoire’s New “Laughing In The Water” Single

Sainte Victoire is a singer-songwriter from France. Not too long ago, she released a moody alternative pop single, “Laughing In The Water,” co-written with Cameron McVey (producer of Neneh Cherry and Massive Attack) via Antipodes.

Sainte Victoire – “Laughing In The Water” single

“I’m laughing in the water and nothing in this dark world is making me feel brave. I’m f****** in the thunder and nothing in my brain is missing you baby. Some things will never be the same to me, a fantasy you never leave the apathy. And some days are never right, the pain is bright. You’ll never leave your fate alive. Don’t look at me, you fell asleep.” – lyrics

“Laughing In The Water” finds Sainte Victoire watching the world fall (into the void, again) in a burst of laughter, both cynical and sadistic. The words in the song reveal a person who refuses to be broken by the trials of life and the use of aquatic motifs reinforces the attitude of determination and resurrection of Sainte Victoire, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

“Laughing In The Water” is the focus track of Victoire’s debut EP, “Cold Feet (How You Food-Poisoned Me),” and it will resonate with Ashnikko, Melanie Martinez, and Aime Simone supporters.

Sainte Victoire

Sainte Victoire press photo
Photo by Maxime Baudin

Sainte Victoire is an electro-pop UFO. Her unique voice and post-grunge ferocious tone swings from captivating whisper, a melancholic tranquility to a bestial and possessed roar. Victoire is compelling in her emotion, and as sensitive as inflexible in this new prosperous and scorching scene that revisits pop music.

Her first album, “Pure Crystal,” was produced by the English artist Paul Simm (Massive Attack, Amy Winehouse). The project mixes new-wave elements with heavy electronic beats and strives to cut a path that is truly her own.

Sainte Victoire – “Laughing In The Water” single

Sainte Victoire - “Laughing In The Water” cover

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