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Sabrina Francis releases an inspiring R&B tune, entitled, “The Crowd”

Sabrina Francis is a rising singer-songwriter and an island girl from the West Indies. Not too long ago, she released an inspiring R&B tune, entitled, “The Crowd”.

Sabrina Francis – “The Crowd” single

“When I see that road I’ll head that way. I’m losing this crowd behind me. And when I am lost, that’s when I’ll find my way. When I am lost, I’ll find me. Away from the crowd so I can see. Away from the crowd so I can breathe. I follow the crowd without knowing. The crowd don’t really know where they’re going. So over the hills, that’s where I’ll be.” – lyrics

‘The Crowd’ tells an encouraging tale of a young woman who decides to hang out with herself rather than chill with the crowd. Shortly afterward, she removes all obstacles from her way and departs on a straight and narrow path in search of finding who she is. Later, she reveals that she isn’t worried about being alone because there’s an abandoned friend inside of her who gives her the strength to continue safely on her journey.

Sabrina Francis

Sabrina Francis press photo

“‘The Crowd’ is all about stepping away from the noise of popular societal norms and connecting with the stuff of you. It encourages all to find out what makes you different or special and fall deeply in love with it. Alone time is essential in maintaining good mental health.” – Sabrina Francis

Sabrina Francis is a name you should remember. Her stories tell a persevering tale of a young woman who is experiencing her best life while working towards achieving inner peace. Also, her distinctive sound is inspired by soul, R&B, Pop, and Caribbean music.

Sabrina Francis – “The Crowd”

Sabrina Francis - “The Crowd” cover

“‘The Crowd’ was written by Jemilla Francis, Sabrina’s younger sister at the tender age of 14. Jemilla was always considered an old soul by the people around her and the words describe how out of place she sometimes felt amongst us earthlings. It’s healthy to take time away from all the noise and trends and connect with the stuff of you. May this song inspire self-reflection, self-acceptance, and peace.”

‘The Crowd’ contains an inspirational narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and well-placed melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses heartfelt instrumentation scented with R&B, gospel, and soul elements.

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