RuthAnne releases an inspiring music video for her “Liquid” single

RuthAnne is an award-winning singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released an inspiring music video for her “Liquid” single.

RuthAnne – “Liquid”

“The video for ‘Liquid’ follows a young everyday girl who uploads her own cover of ‘Liquid’ online. Shortly afterward, it receives negative backlash, which mirrors the trolling we experienced in real life on social media.” – RuthAnne

The Laban Phiedias-directed video finds a young woman seated in the back of a moving bus, listening to music on her headphones. She exits the bus and happily walks home.

The next scene shows a camera recording her singing RuthAnne’s “Liquid” single live on social media. But the negative reviews she receives from the comment section causes her to jump into a pool located behind her.



“We see her go from being a carefree happy young girl, to seeing the horrible effects the negative comments have on her and her day. Depression and anxiety, especially in young people is becoming such an epidemic in society these days. I wanted to be a part of the conversation and hopefully this video will show people how powerful words can be and how we should all be more responsible with them.” – RuthAnne

The abovementioned woman swims upward, and when her head is above water, she exits the pool. But this time around, instead of seeing negative comments, she sees positive remarks which brighten her day. 

“There’s no need for such hate and negativity. This video tackles anti-bullying and just how you can make someone’s day just by being positive and encouraging.” – RuthAnne

We recommend adding RuthAnne’s “Liquid” single to your personal playlist.

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