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ROZET releases an animated lyric video for her “Cake Face” single

ROZET is a Texas-based singer-songwriter from Miami, Florida. Not too long ago, she released an animated lyric video for her “Cake Face” single.

ROZET – “Cake Face” lyric video

“Remembering a time when sending feelings and emotions was through the mail. And it took days, sometimes weeks, to arrive at someone else’s door. Then they’d have time to process that before responding. To give an emotionally regulated response. Now, I feel there is sometimes shame associated with non-rapid responses. And not showing up to support is associated with laziness or being inconsiderate. I get like yo’, sometimes I just battle feeling paralyzed due to other challenges internally. Imagining the feeling of being off-grid and untraceable… And how that could also be included in the conversations of success, talent, and health.” – ROZET explained

‘Cake Face’ contains an intricately crafted left-R&B cut showcasing ROZET’s vocals over sharp production. The track is a welcome entry into an already impressive catalog. Furthermore, “Cake Face” is a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear on ROZEY’s upcoming debut EP, entitled, “Torso Tales.” The seven-track audio-visual project is interwoven with stories and captivating visuals.


ROZET press photo

“When I isolate myself from people and my phone, is when I actually have a chance to download and process what I have learned and infuse my music with it. Without that time period, I’d show up as a glitching person. I would have no energy to contribute. And to me, essentially, my mission here on earth is to respond to the times through my artful passions through the lens of sustainability and wellness. I want to surround myself with people who encourage me to take 10 minutes to tap into that. To take a break. And that, I will still be remembered, and just as a priority if I do.” – ROZET explained

It’s rare that an artist comes along and dares to break all the rules, defines a new sound, and creates a new brand of cool. In the current music climate, it is even rarer to find a true multi-hyphenate creator. Enter ROZET, an artist inspired by renaissance creators such as Childish Gambino and Tyler the Creator.

ROZET, with millions of streams already accumulated online, possesses a flywheel of skills that include songwriting, creative design, acting, and dancing. She is a bit of an alchemist – pulling from greats while re-imagining a boundless genre of the future.

“Cake Face” single

ROZET - “Cake Face” song cover art

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