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Photo by Julie Sindberg

ROYA releases an empowering scream-along anthem, entitled, “Kinda Sad”

ROYA (Line Gade & Sebastian Igens) is a promising duo from the Danish city of Aarhus. Not too long ago, they released an empowering scream-along anthem, entitled, “Kinda Sad.”

ROYA – “Kinda Sad” single

“It’s written out of the embarrassment of finding yourself drunk and alone, longing for someone you know isn’t good for you anymore. Lyrically, we wanted to dive into those suppressed feelings to give them a life of their own. The song is a reminder to anyone in this messed up situation, that sometimes it’s more than okay to be by yourself and feel kinda sad.” – ROYA stated

Have you ever found yourself alone on the kitchen floor – just a tiny bit too tipsy – heartbroken of course and then considering the best thing ever would be texting your ex? Blinded by your sadness. you only see the good things but totally forget how this person was never good for you, messed up everything, and tore you apart. Well, “Kinda Sad” is about this very moment. It’s the ultimate scream-along anthem for anyone who needs to move on from a heartbreak. The bouncy, iconic synth instantly captivates, dragging listeners into the electro-pop universe of ROYA. Furthermore, “Kinda Sad” will resonate well with fans of Robyn, Sia, Ellie Goulding, and Tove Lo.

ROYA is your new obsession!

ROYA - All I Love press photo

Line’s authentic and honest vocal is the echo of all the grief, jealousy, naivety, and failures that we all undermine from time to time. With Sebastian’s intense and edgy sound design, those strong feelings are delicately and vulnerable depicted through ROYA’s alluring pop sound.

With the release of ‘All I Love About Us’ this Spring, the dynamic duo went straight to no. 1 on UPCOMING-Listen on national Danish Radio P3. Voted by the public, ROYA kept the top spot for no less than three weeks and went into official rotation! ‘Kinda Sad’ is the long-awaited follow-up by one of the most promising new acts to come out of the Nordics.


ROYA - “Kinda Sad” cover art

ROYA is already a renowned live act. This Summer, they took the stage at the legendary Smukfest Festival in Denmark and won the prestigious LiveCamp band competition. Currently working on more music to be released soon and more shows coming in 2023, there’s no doubt, ROYA are ones to watch – in their native country and way beyond the borders!

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