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Rowan Drake releases a sad indie-pop ballad, entitled, “Part of You”

Rowan Drake is a rising singer-songwriter from Ithaca, New York. Not too long ago, he released a lonely visualizer for his sad indie-pop single, titled, “Part of You,” via Atlantic Records. Written and produced by Drake alongside Jackson Foote (Demi Lovato, Cheat Codes, Tate McRae) and frequent collaborator Davin Kingston, “Part of You” arrives as the latest in Drake’s growing string of new songs.

Rowan Drake – “Part of You” visualizer

“I hope a part of you always loves a part of me. I hope it’s hard for you to ever find that missing piece. Hope you think of me when you make love to somebody new. And it feels like something’s missing when he’s touching you. I may regret saying this tomorrow, but I hope not a day goes by where I stop walking through your mind. You’re such a hard f****** act to follow, even though all of you is gone, tell me some of you can’t move on.” – lyrics

‘Part of You’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young guy who recently experienced a severe breakup with his significant other. Wishing upon a star, he desires for his ex-partner to hold on to their dying love a little while longer, even though it might hurt her to do so. With a heavy heart, he tells his ex-companion, “I pray in ten years you still dream about what could’ve been, and we pick up from when you left.”

‘Part Of You’ contains an intimately vulnerable narrative and soft vocals that hover slightly above a fuzzy guitar line. The song follows moving tracks from Rowan including “Would You Do It Again?,” which arrived at nearly seven million views across the song’s teaser posts on TikTok. Further releases from Rowan include Elephant in The Room, Hollow, and Abandonment Issues.

Rowan Drake

Rowan Drake - “Part of You” cover

“‘Part of You’ represents the brief moments where I find myself hoping the person I love never finds more than me. That I am the love who she will compare others to for the rest of her life. It’s a selfish song that I hope conveys the dark times when our insecurities take over and make us hold on tightly to those around us. It’s important to shed light on these moments. Even if we aren’t proud of them. They exist. We are not alone in them.” – Rowan Drake explained

With just a handful of releases under his belt, Rowan Drake has already earned 20 million global streams, five million likes on TikTok, and 1.3 million official YouTube views. For Rowan, songwriting has always provided a space for transforming his feelings into unexpected beauty.

Rowan grew up in a small college town, where, at age 15, a devastating accident ended his dream of becoming a competitive snowboarder. After devoting nearly all his life to his snowboarding career, Drake began exploring his innate musicality by dreaming up his own hypnotic form of pop. Later, he began performing locally around his hometown, self-releasing his first song while still in high school.

Rowan Drake

Rowan Drake press photo

“I hope my music allows you a brief moment of emotional clarity. A moment to allow the feelings we all keep locked away to breathe in a safe place. It’s okay to let go for a little while.” — Rowan Drake explained

Upon graduation, Drake packed up his car and moved to Los Angeles where he quickly connected with an array of rising young talents and potential collaborators. Currently hard at work creating music with his debut EP due later this year, Drake remains determinedly focused on preserving the immediate impact of unfiltered expression through a deep connection with his fast-growing fan following.

Rowan Drake – “Part of You” single

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