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ROSIE releases a heart-wrenching new single, entitled, “Good For Me”

ROSIE is a rising 22-year-old singer-songwriter from New York. Not too long ago, she released a lyric video for her heart-wrenching new single, titled, “Good For Me,” via Arista Records.

ROSIE – “Good For Me” lyric video

“Hate that I feel like I don’t deserve you and you deserve so much better than me. I think that you’ll have my heart forever, but what if yours was never mine to keep? They say if you love someone, let them go and then they’ll come right back to you in the end. But I’m so scared if I give you up, I’m just, the one before the one, won’t be yours ever again.” – lyrics

‘Good For Me’ tells a heartfelt tale about an insecure young woman who feels her significant other is the best thing she ever had. Apparently, she knows she belongs to her partner, but being deeply in love terrifies her. Later, she tells her companion, “You’re everything I never knew I wanted. But every good beginning ends up bad. What if this time I don’t leave? What if this time I just let you be? Let you be good for me.”

‘Good For Me’ is a propulsive exploration of recovering from heartache. The emotive tune possesses guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with a warm indie-pop vibration. Furthermore, “Good For Me” arrives as ROSIE embarks on her month-long US tour supporting Jake Scott.

“One day I’ll wake up, see that I’m enough. Like you always knew, I’ll hold you for dear life.”

ROSIE press photo

“‘Good For Me’ is about my journey with self-love and how it took me loving and losing someone else to see that I need to find my worth within myself. The song taught me that you can’t feel joy without feeling the pain too and that love isn’t linear.” – ROSIE explained

What you see is what you get with ROSIE— no filters, no Facetune, no VSCO, and no makeup. She gained a massive online following over the course of the pandemic with her introspective songwriting and refreshing approach to discussing mental health.

ROSIE – “Good For Me” single

ROSIE - “Good For Me” cover art

“I want to be transparent. Everything is exactly as it appears. The scale of emotions that everyone feels is such a spectrum. The bad days are equally as important as the good days. Be strong when you’re feeling strong, be vulnerable when you’re feeling vulnerable.” – ROSIE explained

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