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ROSIE releases an earnest indie-pop single, entitled, “Something I Hate”

ROSIE is a rising singer-songwriter from New York. Not too long ago, she released an earnest indie-pop single, entitled, “Something I Hate,” via Arista Records.

ROSIE – “Something I Hate” single

“I want thinner thighs; I know that you don’t think so but I do. And I’m an ugly crier, so I try not to cry in front of you. And I know you always say you could never hate any part of me. But there’s so much I would change when I see my face, I just don’t believe that you love me. You don’t really you don’t really love me. My heart is tryna hear you but my body doesn’t trust a word you say. ‘Cause how could you love something I hate?” – lyrics

‘Something I Hate’ is a hauntingly beautiful ballad about trying to overcome lifelong insecurities. The emotional tune possesses guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with a warm indie-pop vibration. Also, “Something I Hate” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from ROSIE in the near future as she continues to release new music.

“How could you love something I hate?”

ROSIE press photo

“Creating ‘Something I Hate’ was such a painful yet cathartic experience for me. I’ve always tried to write about what scares me but speaking on such deep-rooted insecurities such as body dysmorphia and eating disorders was truly terrifying. I hope this song reaches every single person who needs to hear it and that it helps to heal others the way creating it has healed me.” – ROSIE explained

No filters, no Facetune, no Vsco, and no makeup. What you see is what you get with ROSIE. Seeking to create a safe place online and through her music, ROSIE’s willingness to get real struck a chord with millions. Her stripped-back breakup ballad, “Never the 1,” amassed over 15 million views on TikTok highlighting ROSIE’s songwriting prowess.

“Never the 1” music video

“I want to be transparent. Everything is exactly as it appears. The scale of emotions that everyone feels is such a spectrum. The bad days are equally as important as the good days. Be strong when you’re feeling strong, be vulnerable when you’re feeling vulnerable.” – ROSIE explained

ROSIE has an uncanny ability to turn negative experiences like loss, betrayal, and criticism into jetpack-fueled motivation. A philanthropist, environmentalist, mental health advocate, classical violinist, guitarist, vocal producer, songwriter, and now major label recording artist, ROSIE’s achievements come from her undaunted resilience – a retaliation against life’s harder realities.

In late 2021, after capturing the hearts of millions with her clever, heart-wrenching songwriting, ROSIE released her much-anticipated debut EP, “20mg of Happiness.” This Spring, ROSIE joined Chelsea Cutler for her North American tour.

“Something I Hate” single

ROSIE - “Something I Hate” song cover art

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