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Rosie Darling releases a lovely music video for her blissful pop single, entitled, “Golden Age”

Rosie Darling is a talented LA-based singer-songwriter from Boston. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her blissful pop single, entitled, “Golden Age.”

Rosie Darling – “Golden Age” music video

“I don’t get outside enough; I’ve never really been in love before. And I stare at my phone too much. When did we fall out of touch? It’s hard to feel anything these days, watching the news get stuck on replay. I never thought it’d turn out this way, feels like my youth is going to waste. So, where’s my golden age, my greatest heartbreak, and all my cliches? And all of my stories that bleed off the page, they all got taken away.” – lyrics

‘Golden Age’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who feels her youth is going to waste. Apparently, she gets anxious in a crowd, doesn’t like feeling disconnected, and is afraid of missing out. Later, she admits, “I lost my chance to make a stupid mistake. This isn’t living. It’s just taking up space.”

‘Golden Age’ is the title track of Rosie Darling’s sophomore EP, available on August 12, 2022, via Nettwerk. In the loneliness of her 20s in isolation and amidst an increasingly digital world, “Golden Age” captures big, pent-up feelings from the past two years and pairs them with Rosie’s signature flowing melodies and gut-wrenching lyrics.

“I can’t see through all the clouds, staying high to figure out. I should probably stand for something, but my feet don’t reach the ground.”

Rosie Darling press photo
Photo by Anna Azarov

“The pandemic impacted the mental health of lots of people my age. It felt like the so-called best years of my life were slipping away a little, so I wanted to write about that feeling of longing to live out those moments everyone wants to have in their 20s.” – Rosie Darling explained

Rosie Darling is the anomaly who pushes pop music forward by uncompromisingly embracing her artistic impulses and following them to unprecedented heights. She is quietly confident, exuberantly passionate, and creatively inclined to infinity. Also, she is highly aware of herself and the world around her and continues to speak her mind with clarity and focus.

For the EP, Rosie worked with writers: Matt Rad (Niall Horan, James Arthur, Little Mix), Justin Gamella (FINNEAS, Bella Poarch, Lennon Stella, Ashe, Aoki, Kaskade), Cooper Holtzsman (Zachary Knowles, Dixie) and Grammy Award-winning mixer, Michael Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayer, Tony Bennett). Also, Rosie teased the project with “Always Almost” and on its heels, the single, “F****d Up Summer,” that glides along on delicate acoustic guitar before spiraling into a glitchy beat.

“I don’t wanna feel this way when I’m older.”

Rosie Darling - Golden Age EP cover art

On September 28, Rosie will head out on tour with labelmate and fellow songwriter, Caleb Hearnon, on a string of West Coast dates starting September 28 in Seattle, WA.

“I can’t believe I’m going on tour. I’m so excited to sing my songs live. I feel like I’ve been waiting so long to do this. It will be my first tour and Caleb’s too. I’m glad we get to experience this first touring adventure together!” – Rosie Darling explained

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