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Rose Wild releases a flirtatious hot-girl summer anthem, entitled, “Kitty Cat”

Rose Wild is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter who was raised in Utah. Not too long ago, she released a flirtatious hot-girl summer anthem, entitled, “Kitty Cat.” The song sees Rose gathering up the girls and letting the fellas know what they’ve been missing.

Rose Wild – “Kitty Cat” single

“I am so sweet, taste like candy. You’re ugly, wish you had a b*tch like me. Broke boys don’t deserve no pu**y. So send his little a** home because girl you ain’t free.” – lyrics

‘Kitty Cat’ tells an enticing tale about a confident young woman who considers herself sweet and crazy at the same time. Apparently, her body is desirably thick, and she doesn’t mind getting up close and personal with guys who can complement her attractive style. Later, she addresses men who lust after her beauty, “You dream of me between my juicy thighs. You see that a** gon’ get a heart attack. Titties to match, they’re real, b*tch, I’ma snack.”

‘Kitty Cat’ contains a sensual narrative, smooth-sounding vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Doja Cat, Katy Perry, and Jessia. The candy pop tune also possesses mellow guitar and drum-laden instrumentation flavored with contemporary and indie-pop elements. Furthermore, “Kitty Cat” follows hot on the heels of Rose Wild’s previously released singles, “Needed Me” and “Better.”

Rose Wild

Rose Wild press photo

Rose Wild spent 16 years of training in ballet to realize she didn’t like trying to fit into that world. At 19, she started taking pole dancing and aerial classes. Two years later, she quit teaching ballet and became an exotic dancer. Traveling and dancing at different Gentlemen’s Clubs, she got caught up in the lifestyle and it swallowed her whole. After breaking up with her ex, she jumped into another relationship and got her heart shattered. Later, she changed her life around and poured her pain into poems. One day, her artist friend read one of her poems and told her to come to the studio. Since then, Rose he has been singing and writing songs.

“Kitty Cat” single

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