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RIIKI releases a heartfelt indie-pop tune, entitled, “Share Your Luv”

RIIKI (Raquel Abolins-Reid) is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Wellington, New Zealand. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt indie-pop tune, entitled, “Share Your Luv”.

RIIKI – “Share Your Luv” single

“‘Share Your Luv’ is about sitting on the receiving end of a friendship/relationship where the other person has abruptly ruined the connection through a drastic and unexpected change of heart. One minute they are the closet thing you know to family, and then the next, they look at you through the eyes of a bully and become the furthest thing away from you. While the track expresses the heartache of longing for that person back in your life, it is also a celebration of realizing that you’ll get by without them.” – RIIKI

‘Share Your Luv’ contains a relatable narrative, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses groovy instrumentation scented with a warm indie-pop aroma. Furthermore, “Share Your Luv” follows on the heels of RIIKI’s “High Heights” single.


RIIKI press photo

“I’m usually the friend helping people I know around me in these situations. But it just feels so damn real when you’re in it and you truly experience that really sad feeling you never saw coming. Although, it is so important that if you fall into that situation you remind yourself, ‘You were never the problem or held responsible, they were.’ Don’t blame yourself, instead have a lil boogie because this only made you way stronger.” – RIIKI

RIIKI has many stories to tell. With a childhood centered around the performing arts, her vibrant persona on stage detaches her from others within her genre. Now with a brand new shiny deal signed with Global agency WME, RIIKI is ready to bring a new flare to live shows, starting with her very first debut headline show.

“Share Your Luv” single

RIIKI - “Share Your Luv” cover

“What I really want is for people to see me and see a bit of themselves in me. I know that what I am working on right now will really mean something to others. Also, I can’t wait for people to feel what I feel.” – RIIKI

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