Rick Ross

Rick Ross releases cinematic visuals for “Idols Become Rivals”

Rick Ross is the CEO, and rapper, of Maybach Music Group. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Idols Become Rivals” single.

Rick Ross – “Idols Become Rivals” music video

“Leased whips, bad blood, that shit will sink ships. Fast money comin’ slow, you better think quick. Rap game, so much f*ck sh*t done. That’s why this .45 in my Trukfit trunks. F*ck a skateboard, I went and got a Wraith, boy. Catholic record labels, ni^^as gettin’ raped, boy. Birdman’s a priest, moans in his synagogue. Publishin’ is a sin, repent, forgive me, Lord. Shots fired, home invasion out on Palm Isle. Red beam detonators, who the bomb now? Look you in your eyes, ni^^a, ‘fore I say goodnight and pray that Mannie Fresh’ll get to see the light.” – lyrics

The Ryan Snyder-directed music video finds Rick Ross on Promise Land, his 302 acres, 104-room estate. 

The introspective tune pinpoints why Ross is labeled the boss. In the song, he airs out Birdman, the CEO of Cash Money Records. 

Rick Ross – “Rather You Than Me” album

‘Idols Become Rivals’ is a single from Rick Ross’ “Rather You Than Me” album. Let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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