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Richie Quake releases a cool lyric video for his “That’s Not Love!” single

Richie Quake is a talented singer-songwriter and producer based in Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, he released a cool lyric video for his “That’s Not Love!” single via Mass Appeal.

Richie Quake – “That’s Not Love!” lyric video

“Lately, I can’t even cry, you gotta give me somethin’. Baby, I don’t wanna die and feel like I did nothin’. Gassin’ up the car can’t make it run. Hangin’ at a bar but that’s no fun. You only ever call me when you’re drunk, and that’s not love!” – lyrics

‘That’s Not Love!’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young guy who realizes that his significant other doesn’t really care about him wholeheartedly. The truth hurts deeply, so he tries to numb his heart-aching pain, but he cannot find the volume to turn it down. In despair, he checks his pulse one last time, and worries when he can’t locate any sign of the life he used to enjoy.

‘That’s Not Love!’ finds Richie Quake effortlessly blending pop, indie, and psychedelic rock together to create a new age heartache anthem for those who’ve experienced the pain of a one-sided romance. Through psychedelic guitar strums, soft drum beats, a pulsing beat, and his floating vocals, Quake pulls every single heartstring as he sings, “you only ever call me when you’re drunk, but that’s not love.”

Richie Quake

Richie Quake press photo
Photo by @taoantrim

“‘That’s Not Love!’ is about drowning in shallow emotions. The idea is that when you live a surface-level life for enough time, you start to forget what real depth looks like and feels like. Being removed from love for so long, it becomes a blur from the past with no defining characteristics. I can’t tell if it’s orange or pink or red, but it’s certainly not green, that I can say for sure. I don’t know what love is anymore, but love is not constant numbness, it’s not getting high in your room alone, it’s not a downward spiral, and it’s not a drunk hook-up on a Friday night.” – Richie Quake explained

Richie Quake – whose boundary-busting work as both artist and producer recently saw him featured on Spotify’s hugely influential Lorem playlist. So far, he has earned a wide range of critical applause from notable media outlets.

Rejjie Snow By Myself Tour

Rejjie Snow By Myself Tour

Richie Quake will celebrate with live dates supporting Rejjie Snow beginning April 19, 2022, at Velvet Underground in Toronto, continuing through April 30, 2022, at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA. The eagerly anticipated run of shows will stop at New York, NY’s Bowery Ballroom among other beloved venues across the U.S. Additional dates will be announced soon.

Richie Quake – VOYAGER EP

Richie Quake – VOYAGER EP cover art

‘That’s Not Love!’ follows last summer’s release of Quake’s acclaimed sophomore EP, VOYAGER. Like the spacecraft of the same name, VOYAGER is a journey into the unknown, one that begins with a pursuit of knowledge and ends with the connection.

Tracks like “Sensitive,” “Afterglow,” and “Never See You,” see Quake fusing elements of sound – from lo-fi indie and alternative pop to psych-rock and contemporary R&B – to reflect on universal aspects of the human experience: love, fear, passion, isolation, communication, escape.

“That’s Not Love!” single

Richie Quake - “That's Not Love!” song cover art

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