Resa Saffa Park press photo
Photo by Kristian Engelsen

Resa Saffa Park releases a nostalgic emo-pop tune, entitled, “Dandelions”

Resa Saffa Park (also known as Theresa Frostad Eggesbø) is a Dubai-born singer-songwriter based in Oslo, Norway. Not too long ago, she released a nostalgic emo-pop tune, entitled, “Dandelions,” created with producer, NYLAN.

Resa Saffa Park – “Dandelions” visualizer

“Reverse all my own rules, I’m not quite yet attuned to moving without you. I hear hymns of violins preying me in and through the gates of your chest. Independency will always be the only dream to safely possess. Reverse all my own rules, I’m not quite yet attuned to moving without you. It is a risky game I play, I only do it my way. But I keep discovering your face in everything.” – lyrics

‘Dandelions’ contains a heartfelt narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and melancholic melodies. The emotional tune possesses lush instrumentation flavored with a nostalgic emo-pop vibration. Furthermore, “Dandelions” serves as an appetizing taste of what’s to come from Resa Saffa Park in the near future as she continues to release new music.

Resa Saffa Park

Resa Saffa Park press photo
Photo by Kristian Engelsen

“I’ve grown dandelions for nine miles, all the way, my ego could grin. It’s a bittersweet accomplishment, for I can’t seem to harvest them in. Every time my heart feels overtaken I think. Once or twice my love for you will burn with ink. But I’m not set like a dashboard so it all burns down when I drink.” – lyrics

Resa Saffa Park has captured the interest of national and international fans and critics. She has made quite a name for herself the last couple of years – both as an artist and an actress. Starring in SKAM and in the Netflix series, “Ragnarök,” she has experienced great success on screen. Despite singing and writing her entire life, Resa first fell in love with singing jazz in her late teens. Her musical inspirations include Billie Holiday and Chet Baker.

“Dandelions” single

Resa Saffa Park - “Dandelions” song cover art
Cover art by Leo Horton

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