Resa Saffa Park press photo
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Resa Saffa Park releases a bluesy indie-pop tune, entitled, “Little Darling”

Resa Saffa Park is a Dubai-born singer-songwriter and actress based in Oslo, Norway. Not too long ago, she released a bluesy indie-pop tune, entitled, “Little Darling.”

Resa Saffa Park – “Little Darling” single

“There was no room for me in the warmth of your wing, so I deserted everything. I said I loved when the stars will see us. Growing past, sending love, not for us, for everyone. We didn’t know, now all my love is resting in my palm, with roses in the corner of my arm. Little Darling, how did you lose him? How did you lose him? You never learned anything. I suppose it’s there, it’s just frozen, anchored, but poisoned, I learned everything.” – lyrics

‘Little Darling’ finds Resa Saffa Park singing about seeing herself in colors, standing on her own, and not belonging to anyone. Later, she tells someone close to her, “You played a part in everything and it keeps violating me.”

‘Little Darling’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-soothing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Lana Del Rey, Tamino, and Billie Holiday. The laidback tune possesses piano-driven instrumentation flavored with a bluesy indie-pop vibration. Furthermore, “Little Darling” is the focus track featured on Resa Saffa Park’s new EP, entitled, “Spaces.”

Resa Saffa Park – “Spaces” EP

Resa Saffa Park press photo

“The EP is a collection of thoughts and feelings I’ve had related to distance, space, gaps, and loss. How we as individuals associate and link to one another and how we navigate in different rooms, boxes: spaces.” – Resa Saffa Park explained

‘Spaces’ is a gorgeous indie-leaning body of work that lyrically taps into themes of loss and human interaction while navigating our way around them. No track is quite the same as the next on this EP. And songs such as “Little Darling,” and the hauntingly beautiful, “Gather Around Maliciously,” offer more somber moments on the record. Resa Saffa Park provides lift with the guitar-driven, “Dandelions,” and the lovely tune, “Tendencies.”

Resa spent her childhood in Norway and Dubai. Not too long ago, she completed her music studies in Liverpool, England, where she undertook three years at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, crafting, and tweaking her sound and instrumental skills. The result was a soothing, yet unapologetic blend of modern and vintage sounds.

Resa Saffa Park

Resa Saffa Park press photo

“The TV shows have been fun to be a part of, but I don’t think that’s what I’m most proud of. Because that’s not my work – they’re just characters I play. That’s what’s special about [music] – having people around the world understand what I’m trying to say. Like how I felt when I listened to Lana or Joy for the first time, I want them to feel like they’ve been understood.” – Resa Saffa Park explained

Resa, also known as Theresa Frostad Eggesbø, has made quite a name for herself in the last couple of years – both as an artist and an actress. Starring as Sonja in “SKAM,” and now as Saxa in the Norwegian Netflix series, “Ragnarok.” Resa’s acting talents have enabled her to reach fans across the world. So far, she has amassed over 40,000 monthly listeners and over three million streams on Spotify alone.

“Little Darling” single

Resa Saffa Park press photo

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