Pelle Pelle + remy Boy Monty

Remy Boy Monty & Pelle Pelle take viewers through Paterson, NJ

Remy Boy Monty, a member of the popular rap group Remy Boyz, takes viewers on a real-life journey through the mean streets of Paterson, New Jersey.

Remy Boy Monty + Video

“Every time I hear Fall, I think of cold weather, grinding, working hard. It’s just that you gotta bundle up weather. It gets cold up here in Jersey. I had plenty of cold nights… You gotta work all Winter and you could shine all Summer.”

From inside his vehicle to the local chicken spot, Monty shows us his stomping grounds, while looking stylish in his new Pelle Pelle jacket, and reveals #WhatsInSeason for him.


Pelle Pelle was designed by Marc Buchanan, and it launched in 1978. It started off as a leather outerwear company, but later added boots and handbags to their collection. Pelle Pelle was the first brand to launch the designer baggy pants, which was worn by celebrities such as Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J, Cam’ron, and Martin Lawrence to name a few.

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