Raven drops a sugary tune, entitled, “Something Sweet” featuring Fabj

Raven is an up-and-coming contemporary r&b/neo-soul singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a sugary tune, entitled, “Something Sweet”, featuring Fabj.

Raven – “Something Sweet” feat. Fabj

“Pick me up something sweet on the way over. You spend every night, we should probably take it slower. And the light of the moon turn all of the walls blue.” – lyrics

‘Something Sweet’ tells the tale of a young woman who’s in a brand-new relationship with a guy who romantically takes her to another place that’s out of this world. Also, something sweet could simply mean candy or chocolate, or his love is like sweets and she’s addicted to it.

‘Something Sweet’ contains a romantic storyline, soft soul vocals, and a groovy instrumentation embedded with jazz, hip-hop, and pop elements. 

Raven – “Something Sweet”


“I had just moved to a new city and I knew no one. I started seeing someone right away. This song is about me trying to pump the breaks on that relationship. Ultimately that didn’t happen and I fell head over heels for the guy.” – Raven

We recommend adding Raven’s “Something Sweet” single to your personal playlist.  

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