Rainee Blake press photo

Rainee Blake releases a vintage music video for her “Fool for Love” single

Rainee Blake is a singer-songwriter/actress based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a vintage music video for “Fool for Love”, the title track featured on her brand-new EP.

Rainee Blake – “Fool for Love”

“‘Fool for Love’ is a homage to the great girl groups of the Motown era. Rainee explores what it is to be a modern woman, hopelessly in love with a sad, unavailable man. The chorus shows her regaining her power, blowing his excuses to the wind, while the backup singers are literally backing up her decision to leave.” – Rainee Blake

‘Fool for Love’ tells a bittersweet tale of an impatient woman who’s sick and tired of being in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way she does. Every time she calls him on the phone, he doesn’t answer right away. Even more troubling, whenever he calls her back, it’s usually the next day or the day after that. Therefore, she concludes that she’s been a fool for love, and now, she doesn’t want him to call her back anymore.

‘Fool for Love’ contains a relatable storyline, sweet soul vocals, and a groovy instrumentation flavored with a nostalgic soul vibe.

Rainee Blake – “Fool for Love”

Rainee Blake press photo
Photo by @joshua_elan

Rainee Blake is best known for her portrayal of Alannah on CMT’s hit TV show, ‘Nashville’. While on the show, she recorded fifteen songs under the Lionsgate Music label, mostly country and folk tunes. Not too long after that, she recorded her 4-track EP in Nashville, Tennessee. Check it out below via Spotify.

“Fool for Love”

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