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Professor Green releases an animated lyric visualizer for his “Nothing Before It’s Time” single featuring Fifth

Professor Green (Stephen Manderson) is a multi-platinum-selling rapper from Hackney, London. Not too long ago, he released an animated lyric visualizer for his “Nothing Before It’s Time” single featuring Fifth.

Professor Green – “Nothing Before It’s Time” single featuring Fifth

“Life can get turbulent even when you ain’t flying. Took my finger off the pulse ‘cause the game was dying. No lying ’round here, only lyin’ round here is a lie in. Been a while since I had a lie in still but I’m a lion still. You don’t wanna hear the lion roar, raw like iron oar. You ain’t a lion, you’re lying what are you lying for? Aint worth living for if it aint worth dying for. Lately, I keep having deja vu, it’s as if I’ve lived this life before. As far as crying, I thought the river had run dry, but I find myself crying more. So much madness in my life half the time, that I don’t know what I’m crying for, but I’m crying still.” – lyrics

‘Nothing Before It’s Time’ is an emotive track that finds Professor Green rapping about going to hell and back and being the only thing in his way. While people are lying about pushing keys on their keyboards, Green was living in a dangerous place where police issued guns with serial numbers scratched off. Later, Green admits, “I can’t explain it, it’s just a feeling when the air’s right. I could fight fair, still wouldn’t be a fair fight. Your clique ain’t tight if it ain’t airtight. People can say what they like about me it’s their right.”


Professor Green - PopShxt1

‘Nothing Before It’s Time’ is an emotive track that finds Professor Green paying homage to his Great Nan Edie. Produced by XVX, “Nothing Before It’s Time” follows Professor Green’s “POP SHXT” single featuring Koke and “Do Ya” featuring INFAMOUSIZAK and Poté. Also, “Nothing Before It’s Time” is the third cut to be released from Professor Green’s upcoming EP, , available on September 29, 2023.

Professor Green

Professor Green press photo

“I’ve seen a man go from shottin’ and shooting to shooting up, that’s life living on them estates. Could have been us if we never learned from their mistakes. What would it take to kill a man? If I walk away, am I still a man? Ain’t the man in the fight though, it’s the fight in the man. So much fight in me it frightens me. Had to accept I’m the man, I am not the man I’d like to be. A work in progress, each foot forward is progress, no matter how little the progress. It’s still progress, I’m progressing.” – lyrics

Professor Green, who started as a revered battle MC, has firmly established himself as one of the crossover superstars of British music. So far, he has achieved two Top 3 albums and over 3.5+ million combined sales in the UK alone. Also, Green has presented six critically acclaimed documentaries (for the BBC and Channel 4) and published his autobiography “Lucky” (a Times bestseller).

Professor Green – “Nothing Before It’s Time” single featuring Fifth

Professor Green - “Nothing Before It's Time” cover art

“Raps the only thing I ever made. The rest of my life is a mess, so is it any wonder why I’m stressed and depressed, but at the same time blessed? Life’s at its worst, my rhymes at their best. I used to want a break, now all I want is a rest. But how can I rest till I get this sh*t off my chest. It’s complex, complicated. Probably wouldn’t understand it, unless I explained it.” – lyrics

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