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PM releases a melodic hip-hop tune, entitled, “Get It”

PM (Phi and Meisha) is an up-and-coming rap duo from Columbus, Ohio. Not too long ago, the best friends released a melodic hip-hop tune, entitled, “Get It”.

PM – “Get It” single

“Miss me with the shoes and the Louis bag. Get a b*tch a crib with a hella pad. Cotton-candy Rari they go hella fast. I’m about my biz, b*tches hella mad. Creepin’ in my comments got these b*tches sick. They don’t want no smoke ‘cause I’m wit’ the sh*ts. Swervin’ through the lane where I stack my chips. Call me Fifi, I’m crazy Asian rich. I get it.” – lyrics

‘Get It’ tells a luxurious tale of two young women who are all about getting money and receiving expensive gifts from their admirers. 

Apparently, they are go-getters who don’t have to ask for anything because they have pleasurable bodies. Also, all they want is the direction to the money bag, and they are willing to go get it without any assistance.

Later, they admit that a lot of females throw shade at them inside their social media comment sections whenever they post pictures of them living their best life.

Stream PM’s “Get It” single via Apple Music

PM - “Get It” single cover

PM’s stage name contains the first letter of their names.

Their “Get It” single contains a relatable storyline, conversational rap vocals, and melodic instrumentation flavored with trap and hip-hop elements.

We recommend adding it to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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