Patrik releases a poppin’ hip-hop tune, entitled, “Common”, featuring Breana Marin

Patrik is a Canadian hip-hop emcee. Not too long ago, he released a poppin’ rap tune, entitled, “Common”, featuring singer-songwriter, Breana Marin.

Patrik – “Common” feat. Breana Marin

“24-7 I’ve been working overtime. Ain’t got that much to show for it. Still had to sell my soul for it, just to get by.” – Marin’s chorus

“Common” begins with a repeated sampled loop, followed by passing police sirens. Shortly afterward, a nostalgic vibe perfumes the atmosphere when the ‘90s-inspired, boom bap instrumentation drops, ushering in Marin’s shimmery vocals, which set the tone.

Patrik oozes in with a classic rap flow that compliments the hypnotic beat that he’s rapping over. His rhymes highlight the way we deal with the daily grind or the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Patrik – “Common”


Common is about going through the good, bad, and the efforts to get what we want or where we want to be. All these we have in common, however, some will sell their souls for it, others just can’t.” – Patrik

The artist identifies himself with a certain working class of people who labor long hours in busy environments to make ends meet. Their everyday lives are normal, but they are content with what they have, even though a few material things are needed. But, while the temptation is there, they still don’t sell their souls for material wealth or success.



In conclusion, Patrik is a talented emcee with relatable raps and a dope flow. Also, his “Common” song keeps the boom-bap style of hip-hop production alive. Therefore, we recommend adding the song to your personal playlist.

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