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Onyi Moss releases an introspective folk single, entitled, “Show Me the Woman”

Onyi Moss is a British/Nigerian singer-songwriter from Manchester, England. Not too long ago, she released an introspective folk single, titled, “Show Me the Woman,” via Mossonyi.

Onyi Moss – “Show Me the Woman” lyric video

“Closed chapter, but unforgotten. Lingering pages of words I left behind. Old stories of how you kept me caged in a world of hurt that I detest. So where is the woman that I’m supposed to be? Where is the woman that I’m supposed to be? ‘Cause I don’t see her in you or me, and I have been looking for you in me. So where is the woman?” – lyrics

‘Show Me the Woman’ tells a heartfelt tale about a woman who searches to find herself in a world that she deems hopeless. Certain lies told to her when she was younger have made a mess of the life that she barely has today. Therefore, she tells the individual that has afflicted her with so much pain, “[I remember] all the memories of how you cut me. Taking my heart out and leaving it cold to bleed.”

‘Show Me the Woman’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Tracy Chapman. The emotional tune possesses guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with a soulful contemporary folk vibration. Furthermore, “Show Me the Woman” serves as a savory treat of what listeners can expect to hear from Onyi Moss in the near future as she continues to release new music.

Onyi Moss

Onyi Moss press photo

“‘Show Me the Woman’ is about the pressures of living in an abusive relationship and the revelation of truth if we dare ask the abuser to take a look in the mirror. It’s about not recognizing the person we have become.” – Onyi Moss explained

Onyi Moss is a creative who focuses on strong visual content which has seen her gain over 160,000 followers on Instagram. Her content has won her various awards including the 2019 Cosmopolitan Fashion Blogger of the Year. Her musical influences include Tracy Chapman, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Ms. Lauryn Hill.

Onyi, who takes on an introspective approach with her songwriting, introduced her music to the world in 2021. Since then, her music has been playlisted by 30+ big radio stations such as BBC Radio 6 (Steve Lamacq), RTE Radio 1 (the biggest station in Ireland), RTÉ2XM, and many more.

Onyi Moss – “Show Me the Woman” single

Onyi Moss - “Show Me the Woman” cover art

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