Oh He Dead press photo by Oscar Merrida IV Photography
Photo by Oscar Merrida IV Photography

Oh He Dead releases a lovely R&B tune, entitled, “Show Me Love”

Oh He Dead is a five-piece rock ‘n’ soul band from Washington, DC. Not too long ago, they released a lovely R&B tune, entitled, “Show Me Love”.

Oh He Dead – “Show Me Love” music video

“‘Show Me Love’ is about being young, in love, and full of unabashed hope. It’s walking down the street with the object of your affection, stealing glances, and suppressing grins. Also, waiting for that moment when they finally shine back at you. You don’t quite know when it will be, but you are certain it is only a matter of time because the birds are singing and the wind is dancing. As far as you can tell, at that moment, the whole world feels the exact way your shiny heart does.”

‘Show Me Love’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the groovy tune possesses melodic instrumentation scented with a warm alternative R&B aroma.

Oh He Dead

Oh He Dead - “Show Me Love” cover

Oh He Dead, founded in 2014 by Andy Valenti and C.J. Johnson, is an exciting band to watch. So far, they have captured the hearts of D.C. residents, leaving audiences wanting more of what they have to offer.

‘Show Me Love’ is the third single from their self-titled debut album.

“Oh He Dead” album

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