Nyiko press shot by Niles Gregory
Photo by Niles Gregory

Nyiko probes aspects of manhood on new single, entitled, “Call the Boys”

Continuing his plunging trajectory into nostalgic synth-pop, Los Angeles-based artist Nyiko releases “Call the Boys”. The song deconstructs the pervasive dilemma of toxic masculinity, while simultaneously heralding his forthcoming LP, Honesty.

Nyiko – “Call the Boys” (Official Audio)

“I wanted to take a hard look at the outdated notions of manhood in American society, and how they negatively impact everyone. Also, it was important for me to reflect on my own blind spots, and to help redefine manliness for young men.” — stated Nyiko, inspired by tragic mass-shootings often executed by young White men 

The lyrics of the song propose part of the problem involves preconceived, detrimental cultural notions of what constitutes manliness. “It’s the quiet moments that we choose to ignore. Also, the space it creates is innate suffering in these boys.”

“We need an exemplary symbol of masculinity for these boys beyond violence.”

NYIKO press photo Niles Gregory
Photo by Niles Gregory

“I believe that much of the violence in our country is a manifestation of internal suffering and insecurity in men. Setting an example of masculinity that champions empathy, self-love, and respect could transform the way our society functions.” — Nyiko stated

‘Call the Boys’ travels on retro-flavored shimmering colors, which exudes delicious tints of new wave synth-pop textures. Also, the plump bassline and nuanced percussion infuse the tune with a contagious rhythm. While jangly guitars pump out glistening surfaces.

Nyiko’s voice ripples with smooth Brit-like inflections, imbuing the lyrics with tantalizing timbres, subtle and beguilingly velvety. Also, Nyiko dishes out silky, froth-like flavors of scrumptious new wave-laced pop.

Vaguely reminiscent of Depeche Mode, “Call the Boys” oozes delectable waves of synth-pop coloration, accentuating the music’s sense of lingering. Yet, somehow, delicately elegant, imminence. Also, I love the percolating synths in the middle of the tune, giving it an effervescing tincture.

“Call the boys inside, tell them it’s alright, there’s no shame in your pain.”

Nyiko - Call the Boys cover
Photo by Niles Gregory

‘Call the Boys’ features the talents of Niles Gregory (guitar), along with the singular appearance of Maggie Toth (bass), of Vagabon. Also, it should be mentioned that Big Brothers Big Sisters of L.A. will receive 100% of the proceeds from the song on Bandcamp.

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